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How to take Care of your Christmas Tree [ How to keep your Christmas tree "fresh"]

    Having a real Christmas tree in your home will be a joyous addition to your holiday celebration. A little planning and effort can keep your tree looking good, smelling fragrant and help you avoid the few hassles some people complain about with fresh Christmas trees. Preventing problems with your tree starts before you buy it. Read our suggestions about "How to shop for a Christmas tree".

    When you arrive home with your newly purchased Christmas tree, you should know exactly where it will be displayed and have the area cleared of obstructions. Christmas trees are heavy. You'll want to transport the tree only twice, if possible. One trip to set it in place and one trip to the recycling / pickup location should be enough.

Tips & Recommendations for a successul Christmas Tree display
 We recommend attaching your Christmas tree to the tree stand "outside", where there is plenty of room to work. You can carry the tree into your home with the base already attached. Make the adjustments for vertical alignment and balance where you have room to make sure your tree will stand straight. This is even more convenient, if your tree was purchased in burlap wrap. You can install the tree, then remove the burlap wrap with siccors, allowing your tree to slowly relax into shape, in its final position in the room. Rotating a Christmas tree a 1/2 turn inside is easier, that trying to install it in the correct position, all in one step.

    As you insert the tree into the stand, Don't slam the tree into the hole or scrape the bark on the thread screws that will hold it in place. You don't want to damage the base of the tree stem. [ Read below about preparing your Christmas tree for its first "drink".] If you have the room in your home (or office building ) for a large tree, We suggest you attach your tree stand to a large, piece of plywood. This will broaden the base of the tree stand, allowing for additional stability. This trick works in homes with uneven tile floors, thick plush carpet, or to spread the weight load across a wider area in older wood floored homes. After installation, your Christmas tree should stand straight and true, with no concerns about tipping over. You might also consider protecting any floor area where your tree will be installed, so you don't scratch tile, rip, tear or stain the carpet and/ or "watermark" hardwood floors

 Now that you are ready to install the tree inside, Clear a path from the exterior doorway, through the home/apartment/condo to the tree stand in the chosen display location. Scout the path once or twice in advance of carrying the tree. Look for obstructions or items that may be catch on branches as you pass by. You don't want to knock over tables, lamps, computer desk, or trip over chairs, children or pets underfoot. Keep the electrical cords and other under tree items well clear, until the tree is installed properly. If you purchased your tree, "wrapped" in burlap, Leave it packaged this way. This will help in both transporting the tree and carrying it through the home to the display area. Save the burlap wrapping used to transport your tree. You'll need to re-wrap it, for easy removal after the holidays.
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    Buy the best tree stand you can find. Use a tree stand that was designed for the size/height of your tree. Nothing disrupts the holidays like a Christmas tree falling over. Most tree stands have circular rings at the top, where the tree stem is inserted and then tightened to hold the tree vertical. Using stands that are too small is a very common mistake and you'll get very little "good advice" at most retail stores and "home centers". It's better to have a large tree stand, with a little tree, than the other way around. Remember you'll be using a good quality tree stand over and over for 10-15 years. When shopping, Notice how much water the tree stand holds, when a tree is inserted. Cheaper tree stands won't mention how much water is displaced from the holding area, when the base of the tree is inserted. This can be an important detail. Here is why....

 Christmas tree stands actually have TWO purposes. It will obviously hold the tree vertically in place, but also serves as a way to keep the tree "watered". A fresh Christmas tree will be VERY thirsty, when it gets to your home.

Not many Christmas tree owners keep the tree as well watered as they should. Do you want to guess how much water a standard 6 or 7 foot tree will "drink" each day? Before I tell you the answer, one of the considerations of a "good" Christmas tree stand is the ease with which you can refill the water supply. Purchase a tree stand that holds a large amount of water, You'll spend less time refilling the water reservoir between set-up and the New Year. Now, back to the question. How much water will a Christmas tree "drink" each day?

Advice about keeping your Christmas Tree "fresh" - Click here
    The National Christmas Tree Association says that Christmas trees of all varieties (Douglas Fir, Scotch Pine, etc) will need about one quart of water for each inch of the tree trunk's diameter. A quick bit of math shows that a 6 foot tall tree with a trunk that measures about 4 inches in diameter, will need to "drink" about full 1 gallon of water each day. You cannot "over water" a Christmas tree, so keeping the tree stand reservoir full of water becomes the most important thing you can do to have a healthy, happy Christmas tree. Keeping the tree stem immersed in water prevents your Christmas tree from drying out. This drying starts in the needles, causing them to fall off prematurely. The most common complaint about fresh Christmas trees, vs. artificial trees, is cleaning up the needles. Now you know why this should never be a problem. Plenty of water will also help your tree retain its "Christmas tree fragrance" through the holiday season too.

    Lets also clear up some common myths and "family folk lore" that's been passed down from one generation to the next in many families. The best thing for your tree is constant fresh water. There can be a slight benefit to using cold water, when a tree is given its first "drink", at set up, but after that, the availability of water at all times is the most important thing you can do. Never use hot water and never add any chemicals or additives in your tree's water supply. In family folklore, you may have heard to add aspirin, soft drinks, syrup, molasses, professional floral preservatives or some other home-made family recipe. The worse two things sold for Christmas Trees are film-forming anti-transpirants and "moisture gels". You will see advertised chemicals called anti-transpirants that prevent evaporation from the needles. The opposite is best for the tree. You WANT the water to move into the trunk, up thru the tree and evaporates through the needles. "Water retaining gels" will indeed retain water in the tree stand, but you don't want your tree fighting with a gel to absorb water. Make it as easy as possible for your Christmas tree to "drink" as much as it will accept and it will stay fresh and fragrant through the season. Ordinary, clean tap water is all you need.

    To help your Christmas tree drink, start with a fresh-cut stem, inserted into the reservoir of the tree stand. As you prepare to install your Christmas tree, Cut a 1/2 inch "disc" or chip from the bottom of the tree trunk, to give it a fresh "raw" uptake point for the water. It is best to do this cut, just before inserting the tree, aligning it to stand correctly and then filling the reservoir with water. Saw the cut as perpendicular, or "square" to the base as possible. This will help the tree stand straighter in the stand and allow for maximum surface area. There is no need to cut angles and/or a v-shape notch. You'll only makes it more difficult to hold the tree straight. Do not make a large cut, you are just removing enough stem to give the tree a fresh uptake point. Plan ahead, If you don't have a saw available, most tree lots will do this for you, and they should offer or suggest it. If you buy your tree close to home, this should be OK. The most popular trees (Douglas Fir and Fraser Fir) will take-up water as much as 5-6 hours after a fresh cut is made. Do not bruise the end of your tree trunk or allow it to get dirty. You want a clean fresh cut going into the water of a tree stand. Try not to bruise or damage the tree bark in the base of your tree's stem. Christmas trees "drink" up through the outer perimeter of the tree, just under the bark, NOT through the center of the tree like a pipe. This is why another bit of folklore and old family tradition is wrong. It is unnecessary to drill a hole in the base of the tree trunk. Do not make a "cross-cut" in the bottom of the stem or use "I-V" type devices to supply water directly to holes drilled in the tree. Let your tree "drink" in its own natural way, and it will stay as fresh as possible. Did I mention you should keep your tree stand FULL of water. If your tree stand goes dry, a area of dried sap will cover the base of the tree stem It will create a seal blocking moisture from leaving the tree, but not allowing any more water IN either. If this occurs, the only solution is to make another fresh cut in the bottom of the stem. This is really inconvenient, when your tree is decorated and strung with lights. Our suggestion? Keep your tree stand FULL of water. Some retail stores, home centers and tree lots will sell tree stands that make watering the tree more convenient. They maintain a constant water level, by working on the principle of a toilet float. This systems works, but is not cheap. Why not keep a 2 liter "coke" bottle displayed in a prominent place in the kitchen. Remember the tree could "drink" as much as two bottles a day. "Feed" the tree, when you feed the kids, at breakfast and dinner every day. That system is "free". A well watered Christmas tree, purchased "fresh" should last as long as 8-10 weeks, before starting to show visible decay. This is plenty of time to fully enjoy the holiday season and get into the New Year. Your Christmas lights may stay up until Valentine's Day, but we don't recommend delaying the recycling of your Christmas tree that long. Read how to recycle a Christmas tree.

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